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    Nashville Considers Monorail

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    A monorail has been suggested to help ease traffic along the I-24 corridor connecting Nashville and Murfreesboro.

    Traffic congestion on the I-24 corridor that connects Nashville and neighboring Murfreesboro is bad and predicted to get worse as the areas are rapidly becoming more populated.

    One suggested solution to ease the problem is a monorail, and it’s getting some very serious consideration.

    Recently, the Tennessee Senate unanimously voted to go ahead with a feasibility study, and if approved by the House of Representatives, then the state’s Department of Transportation will begin the research.

    Its financial obligations and payoffs are among the primary concerns, as it’s been estimated the project could cost close to a billion dollars.

    Much of that money would have to come from the federal government, but local private and public resources would be tapped as well.

    Supporters of the monorail are quick to point out its obvious advantages.

    Clearly, Nashville is a city that is already built up, so acquiring the land required for a ground rail would likely be economically prohibitive.

    The elevated monorail could be built along the median of I-24, negating the state’s obligation to buy extra land to make a transit system.

    It’s estimated the rail would transport about 55 thousand commuters a day.