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    WCW Halloween Havoc 99 DDP vs Goldberg

    Matthew Hennigan

    by Matthew Hennigan

    10 771 views


    I don;t want to be a twat- after all, this is DDP, so the mere fact of this vid's existence is not a bad thing' it's a good thing :-D - but technically this was halloween havoc 98, not 99.

    Still, this is a great match, muchos thanks for getting it up here.
    By Looneyboyo6 years ago
    Craig Gautrey
    DDP the original peoples Champion
    By Craig Gautrey7 years ago
    im from las vegas. i went to this halloween havoc and the 96' halloween havoc when misterio jr faced eddie guerrero in the hair vs mask match which was probably the best cruiserweight match in wcw history!!!! but this was an amazing heavyweight match!
    By Matt8 years ago
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    By Werkstattzeichnung608 years ago
    Nadav Fridler
    what a great match
    goldberg rules
    By Nadav Fridler8 years ago
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