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    Joe If I Was Your Man NOUVEAU

    Alain Gomis

    par Alain Gomis

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    Sebastien Henry
    une bombe!!!
    Par Sebastien HenryIl y a 7 ans
    de rien...
    Par khadou...Il y a 9 ans
    merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kajoli :) té super gentille :)
    Par nafnofIl y a 9 ans
    mmmm yea yea yea yea ohh ohh
    nanananana nanananananana ohh
    If i was your man, girl

    girl I'm so tired of games
    I just wanna settle down
    I swear to you I've changed
    baby why you buggin now
    I know that I put you through hell
    you deserve to be with someone else
    but I gotta be straight up (straight up)
    girl I just wanna kiss and make up (make up)
    oo we’ve been through a lot of things
    how do you throw that away
    you were the heart of me
    can't believe you let it break
    tell me why you wont let him go
    you can say what you want but I know
    baby no more lies
    I'ma keep it real this time

    help me understand what I'm saying
    ain't gettin' through
    why I can't be your man when I'd give up the world for you
    girl I'll do the best I can
    love you forever that’s what I'll do
    if I was your man
    if I was your man
    if I was your man

    got rid of everything
    that I knew was hurting you
    my hustle in the streets
    gave that up for you too
    don’t want nothing else in the way
    I just wanna make sure tha
    Par khadou...Il y a 9 ans
    eske qq'1 peu ns écrir lé paroles ? :)
    Par nafnofIl y a 9 ans
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