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    Genting Highlands bus crash report made public

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    Originally published on February 21, 2014


    A report into the deadly Genting bus crash on August 21 last year was released to the public on Thursday (February 20). The report highlighted that speeding was the primary factor that led to the accident.

    According to Bernama, there were five other contributory factors. The report stated that there was no initiative taken by any relevant authority to gazette the speed limit and enforce it along the Genting Road.

    It also said there were inadequate warning signs for road users in accident prone areas and stretches where fog is common. Night time safety features, such as Raised Reflective Pavement Markers and reflective delineators, are also lacking on the road.

    The report also stated that the barrier installed at the crash site was not according to the road geometry, which may lead to an increased risk of direct impact in a crash.

    The location of the emergency escape ramp was not easily accessible for road users in an emergency situation as the entry was obstructed by the horizontal curvature of the roadway.

    It also cited that the bus' front brake linings were badly worn and had exposed the rivets, which caused metal-to-metal contact between the drum and rivets in the bus's braking system.


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