Foreign student jumps onto 19th-century statue in Milan to take a selfie, breaks it


by NMAtv

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A student in Italy snapped the leg off the Barberini Faun, or Drunken Satyr, while trying to take a selfie at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

Academy staff were shocked to find the statue missing its left leg on Tuesday morning. They later found it lying shattered on the ground. A student climbed on top of the statue attempting to take a picture when the sculpture gave out. Security cameras show the student sitting on the statue's lap at the time of the collapse, but the academy has yet to release the suspect's name.

Luckily, this sculpture was merely a 200-year-old plaster copy. The original, carved by an unknown Hellenistic sculptor around 200 BCE, is on display at a museum in Munich. The Satyr was a Greek half-man, half-goat creature and this one apparently had too much to drink.