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    Australian police adopt 3D mapping scanner to fight crime

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    Originally published on February 21, 2014


    Police in Queensland, Australia will start using laser-mapping scanners to create 3D maps of crime scenes.

    "The Zebedee Scanner is primarily being used by Forensic Services to map crime scenes but has the potential to be used by the Forensic Crash Unit," Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Jack Dempsey said during a press conference on February 13.
    Developed by CSIRO, Australia's national science research agency, Zebedee is equipped with a Hokuyo UTM-30LX 2D laser scanner which has a 270 degree-field view and a 30-metre shooting range. With an inertial measurement unit, the handheld scanner can collect data of environments, including velocity, orientations, and gravitational forces. It is powered by a lightweight lithium-ion battery pack, and a laptop computer is needed to log collected data.

    The software can calculate the sensor trajectory in real time and generate a 3D point-cloud model simultaneously. Data processing is automated without other input. A 3D map of the environment can be created within 20 minutes.

    Scientists at CSIRO said the scanner would gather more accurate data and function more stability as it does not rely on external GPS systems.

    The scanner can also be used to map underground and outdoor environments. Apart from mapping crime scenes, the equipment has myriad potential uses, including forestry preservation and heritage conservation.


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