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    Horror crash: Chinese baby ejected from mother's womb during fatal traffic accident

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    A newborn baby in Fujian Province, China, is lucky to be alive after reportedly being ejected from his mother's womb during a traffic accident. The infant was found several meters from his dead mother's body at the scene following the accident.

    According to reports, the baby's mother Wang Zhau, aged 40, went into labor one day last week. Her 42-year-old husband decided to take her to hospital on his motorbike instead of waiting for an ambulance.

    It was a decision that would prove fatal, for as the couple made their way to the hospital they were involved in an accident with a large truck.

    The accident saw the couple flung from the motorbike. Unconfirmed witness reports then say the baby was ejected from his mother's body as the truck rolled over her, but other reports say the mother gave birth after being hit by the truck."

    Whatever happened, all we know is that the baby survived his traumatic entry to this world and is now being looked after by hospital staff.

    News of the tragic accident saw donations and offers of help flood in.

    The driver, meanwhile, was reportedly being held in custody while an investigation takes place.