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    Top 3 Celebrity Stories of the Day

    Wochit Headline News

    by Wochit Headline News

    After some life-changing trip to a few art galleries and private collections in Los Angeles, Katy Perry told E! News at the MOCA's 35th Anniversary Gala that she wants to "slowly become an art collector." Perry said that she drawn to "modern contemporary art and pop art, of course," and that she enjoys photography by Cindy Sherman and Lee Friedlander . We're not ones to bash people who express interest in the arts, but it does seem a little random that Perry is just now discovering that she likes it. It's also not clear how one "slowly" collects something.
    In case you haven't been following, Miley Cyrus took her Bangerz tour to Canada last night. And although the concert was a big hit, one Canadian pop star wanted to make sure to put Miley in her place. You guessed it! Avril Lavigne paid the "We Can't Stop" singer a visit to let her know she still remains the most famous person in Canada, despite Miley being there. Miley posted photos of the pair on Instagram with Avril getting a few slaps from Miley after things get a little bit catty. Shall we chalk it up to a good ol' April Fool's joke? Bravo to the pop princesses for giving us all a good laugh.
    Unlike most tourists who'd be content with snapping a few photos on their iPhones, the reality starlet is documenting her vacation through a professionally-scored video montage. In one clip uploaded to her Instagram, a bikini-clad Kardashian is playing with her hair in the wind while Jhené Aiko 's "Stay Ready (What a Life)" plays in the background. But given the Kardashian clan's affinity for making family "music videos" while vacationing, guess this is actually not that outrageous.