Down Days by Vans Ep. 6 - Germany Soaring Over the Alps In Search of Cheese

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Traveling is all about getting out of your comfort zone, so Tanner and Pat decide to take a trip to the German Alps. After visiting some castles they venture into the mountains to meet up with a crazy German named Karl where they jam out, drink beer and enjoy some Bavarian delights. The next morning the bro's rise before the sun to milk some cows and make some cheese... German style. Finally the bro's head high in the sky to paraglide through the Alps.

Music: "We Don't Wanna Be People" by Cathy, "I Know You're Holding" by Moses Luster and The Hollywood Lights, "Bella Dina" by The Moonlight Wranglers, "Chlorine Colored Eyes" by The Crash That Took Me, "The Silver Lining" by Gold Leaves, "Earthling Men" by Fergus & Geronimo, "Architect" by Filligar, "The Cuber Bake" by The Diplomats Of Solid Sound, "Walking with the Dead" by Jon McKiel, "The Cure" by Jon McKiel, and "Escape From Shantytown" by The Diplomats Of Solid Sound

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