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Vans presents Down Days Episode 8: Japan Taking on Tokyo - Surf

il y a 4 ans965 views

On the last episode of season one, the Gudauskas brothers go beers and bullet to Kyoto on a mission to dive deep into Japan's culture capital. Starting in the historic Gion District, the guys explore the ancient city filled with temples and shrines before making a pit stop at a real life Geisha house for fun and drinks. Next the boys meet up with fellow pro surfer, Masatoshi Ohno for a mountain drive to the coast where they search for swells, stay at a traditional Japanese Inn, chow down on a crab feast, and top it off with an epic jam. This is Down Days.

Music: "Bad Ideas" by Cathy, "I Know You're Holding" by Moses Luster and The Hollywood Lights, "Finding Out" by Nik Freitas, "Asian Flower" courtesy of Soundfile Productions, "And It's Fading In And Out" by Cathy, "Wu Bang" courtesy of Soundfile Productions, "Discovered" by Nik Freitas, "Tactility of Time" by a.d.l.r., "Hideaway" by Nik Freitas, "Daytime Nowhere" by Faces on Film, "Mescal" by Moonlight Wranglers, "Lights On" by Lions Rampant, "Your Old One" by Faces on Film, and "Secret Tightly" by Nik Freitas

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Vans presents Down Days Episode 8: Japan Taking on Tokyo - Surf
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