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    Couple Wins Lottery Three Times in Two Weeks

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    Calvin and Zatera Spencer recently won the lottery multiple times over the duration of two weeks.

    It’s an old saying that still rings true; some folks have all the luck. Case in point - Calvin and Zatera Spencer from Virginia, who recently won the lottery three times over a two week period. We’re not talking small winnings either.

    On March 12th, the pair landed their first prize of 1 million dollars during a Powerball drawing.

    "It is my pleasure to present this check in the amount of $1,000,000 to Zatera and Calvin Spencer." [Virginia Lottery]

    On March 26th, the couple took in 50 grand from 10 winning tickets they purchased for the Pick 4 drawing.

    The duo wasn’t done yet, because just one day after winning 50 thousand dollars, they won another million dollar prize. That scratch off ticket was purchased from a 7-eleven store.

    The couple took a lump sum payout of a little under 700 grand for their third prize.

    The Spencers' winning streak may not be over. At the very least, the pair claims they’re not giving up yet and will continue playing the lottery.