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    Quentin Mosimann - CYM Tour 2014 (FULL LIVE SHOW)

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    Dracarys (Black Hole Recordings) OUT NOW ON BEATPORT:

    Change Your Mind Tour 2014 - Herve (Belgium) - FULL EXCLUSIVE LIVE SHOW

    Quentin Mosimann arrives with a hair-rising slice of emotional energy in 'Dracarys'. Few can match his ability to create a riff as memorable or emotive. With this track, he may have found his own dragons to spit fire on the crowd in the DJ 'game of thrones'...

    Quentin Mosimann, flagship DJ producer of the new French EDM scene, never stopped working since his debut career in 2006. Ranked #69 this year in the Top100 DJs poll, he created his own style by being a real perfomer. Mixing with a straight sharing with the audience, singing with an atypical voice, playing synthesizer and forceful solos with drums : the stage became his playground.

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