Aamir Khan Clarifies For Not Supporting AAP

Moviez Adda

by Moviez Adda

Seems like Aamir Khan is quite miffed with Aam Aadmi Party! Wondering what would be the reason behind this?
Well, recently several people have bought to Aamir Khan's notice that there is a social campaign doing the rounds that he is supporting AAP. And thus with respect to this, Aamir writes to the election commission clarifying that he is not endorsing any particular political party.
Going by the story, apparently lots of candidates of AAP have tweeted an image that is making an impression that Aamir Khan has been endorsing Aam Aadmi Party. To this, the actor is not okay with this as it is giving a false impression of him. He has therefore written to the election commission to take immediate action on the same as this has been done without his consent, and thus does not want his name to be misused like this.