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    Nathaniel Mirelez tries to break into Troutdale police station, get his skateboard back

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    Twenty year old Nathaniel Mirelez of Wood Village, Ore. was caught on camera abusing a door handle to the entrance into the Troutdale Police Department, about 20 miles west of Portland.

    It may seem like he's just having a hard time getting inside, but that would be because the door is locked. The Troutdale front office is only open Monday through Friday--but I don't think Nathaniel here knows that--or if he does, he probably doesn't care...

    I guess he's thinking if he just pulls hard enough, that door will open... The door doesn't open, but the *handle* eventually pops off, throwing him to the ground, his hat and glasses tumbling off. He staggers to his feet, and looking dazed, wanders out the vestibule still holding the door handle.

    Poor Nate was visited at his home later on by Troutdale's finest and informed that he had won an all expenses paid trip to the Multnomah County Jail where he will go for the Bonus Round of facing charges of attempted burglary, defacement of public property, and committing an aggravated fail on camera.


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