Viral party photos of drunk teens gets Long Island Twitter account blocked



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Long Island Party Stories (@LIPartyStories) pictures pulled from Twitter!

A totally kick-ass Twitter feed filled with photos of hard-partying teens in Long Island, New York, getting up to plenty of fun-lookng illegal and borderline-illegal activities has caught the attention of parents and authorities.

It's not all just kids grindin', daggering and dutty winin' their way through high school and onto the sixpack of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Lots of the uncensored photos feature drunk people lying unconscious in their own spew or with d*cks drawn on their face. And it's apparently too much for the sober heads at Twitter who've suspended the accout making the vault of priceless images off-limits.

Before the account was flagged and pulled it had amassed an impressive 19,500 thousand followers.

The media attention it received this week even encouraged its admin to boast that the feed was coming with new stuff to keep fans happy.

But the grown-ups got to it before he or she could and shut the party down on the pretext that the feed encouraged drunkenness and sexual adventurism. Which is exactly what American kids have been doing since the 1950s and will continue to do long after Twitter is gone.