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    Dining with blow-up dolls: Sex-themed restaurant debuts in Taiwan

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    Say hello to "Funny Sex", Taiwan's very first sex-themed restaurant, which recently opened in the southern city of Kaohsiung.

    The popular eatery, which included in a recent CNN list highlighting the 10 best things about Taiwan's second city, has got everything you could wish for from a sex-themed diner. From breast-shaped hand-washing cream dispensers, to anatomically-correct sex dolls and much, much more!

    Meals at the diner don't beat around the bush and customers can choose from a variety of phallic and boob-shaped items.

    Their boob-shaped hot pot is cooked with rich milk and no doubt showcases the tastiest ta-tas around!

    They've also got an inflated meat stick mascot, leather handcuffs and a whopping wooden woody. In addition to a massive poster introducing the many shapes and sizes mammaries come in. From macaroons to mole hills.

    All in service of providing a truly unique, adult only, dining experience.