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    CNN reporters arrested for breaking into Freedom Tower (1 WTC) VIDEO

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    Two CNN producers were arrested on Tuesday after failing epically to sneak onto the One World Trade Center site in the Big Apple. Their detainment came a day after four daredevils turned themselves in for parachuting off the 1,776-foot tall building last September, and one week after a 16-year-old boy snuck all the way to the top of America's tallest building during the night and posted selfies.

    According to a CNN spokeswoman, producers Yon Pomrenze and Connor Boals were on assignment to cover the story of WTC break-ins, but they were not instructed to trespass the premise. Police said that they may have wanted to prove the point that it's very easy to break through security. As such, on Tuesday sometime after lunch, Pomrenze and Boals walked along the WTC fences, and attempted to go into a partially opened gate at Veser and Washington.

    After being rebuffed by police, the pair walked east and reached the PATH station entrance, where Boals allegedly climbed the fence twice to try to break in. The journalists were stopped by police and security again. They next walked further east, finally reaching Veser and Church, where they allegedly tried to force their way into a gate.

    The PAPD told Reuters the pair said if a 16-year-old could get on the site, they should also be able to get in. The cop added that however, "[The teenager] had enough sense to try it at 4 o'clock in the morning."

    The two men were arrested and booked on criminal trespass, obstruction of governmental administration, and disorderly conduct charges. Better luck next time.