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    Malaysian police officer shoots knife-wielding robber dead

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    Originally published on February 26, 2014


    A Malaysian police officer shot dead a suspected robber in the city of Shah Alam on Tuesday morning.

    A group of robbers broke into an upscale bungalow located near a golf course in Shah Alam, Malaysia, in the early hours of February 25th.

    The thieves tied up a young man and stole valuables. The young man's father immediately called police upon returning home.

    An officer sent to investigate the call noticed a vehicle parked along a highway located some 500 meters from the reported crime scene.

    When the officer approached the vehicle, a Toyota Hilux pickup truck, he observed four men hiding in a drainage canal near the suspect vehicle. The men then fled and the officer gave chase.

    Just as the officer was about to apprehend one of the suspects, the man turned and slashed at the officer with a 'parang' machete knife.

    The officer sustained a cut to his left arm, and then fired his weapon, killing the suspect.

    The dead robber was later confirmed to be an Indonesian national, and the bag he was carrying was found to contain the stolen items from the bungalow.

    A police spokesperson told the media, "The booty from the robbery at the bungalow was recovered from a bag which belonged to the 34-year-old dead robber, a foreigner, who had entered the country on Feb 14."

    Police arrested two Malaysians who were waiting in the getaway vehicle, but the other suspects, who are also suspected to be Indonesian nationals, fled on foot and remain at large.

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