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    Eleanor Powell BM 1938 tap long finale


    by tapdance

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    The singer is Sophie Tucker
    By cliffb435 years ago
    SKILLER Stephen
    The singer is Sophie Tucker, queen of the vaudeville in US during the years 20 to 40
    By SKILLER Stephen8 years ago
    Only sometimes, not always. They usually did it in films because when dancers were moving around they were kicking different surfaces producing different quality of sounds or there were technical problems with the microphones and a very elaborate scene could not be repeated for the 20th time, so then they dubbed the sound of the taps. Imagine those routines with lots of dancers and chorus boys/girls, sometimes it took a whole day to shoot just 2 minutes were everybody was perfect, and then you have the sound of 2 or 3 taps not very well recorded from the main tap dancer. It was easier to re-record.
    By tapdance9 years ago
    Is it true that after the scene was finished they would dub in the tap sounds?
    By shurayuki184819 years ago
    Hey thanks! I only found yesterday that she was a really good cabaret artist. I hope to add more Eleanor Powell videos soon, more people need to know about her. Nowaday dancers could learn a few things from her.
    By tapdance9 years ago
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