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    How to Unlock Windows XP Professional Password If Locked Out Administrator

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    Here is a simple way to unlock Windows XP Professional without Administrator rights and privileges if you can't remember your Windows XP password(s) to login.
    Get Windows Password Rescuer from:

    When you forgot Windows XP professional admin password and locked out of your laptop, you may look for a crack method to help crack the password. But, a better way to unlock Windows XP password is instantly reset the password. Some solutions for unlocking laptop Windows XP password may lead to lose access to encrypt files. This way can unlock your Windows XP and remain all files and settings:
    Step 1. Install “Windows Password Rescuer”full version on any PC you have access to but not your locked laptop. Run it to create a Windows XP Password Unlock Disk with CD/DVD or USB.
    1. Plug in a writable USB flash drive or pen drive, select Burn to USB option.
    2. Select the drive name from the down list. Click Burn button. About one minute later, it will complete the process. Then remove your USB and transfer it to your gateway laptop.
    Step 2. Boot your laptop from this disk by changing device boot order in BIOS SETUP.
    Step 3. Laptop restarts, Windows Password Rescuer run automatically.A friendly window appears, click an user account from the uer list and click Reset Password button. Click Yes when a confirm message pops up. Then the password will be removed and show blank. At this point, click Reboot button, when a confirm message pops up, remove your USB and click Yes. After restarting, you can access your Windows XP without password.