Matoub Lounès


par mamid1706

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j'aimerai savoir ki la chante la derniere chanson
Par sonia86000 Il y a 6 ans
oue vive les kabyllllllllles
Par sonia86000 Il y a 6 ans
this is stupide, and wasting of time, shut the fuck up and stop talking about massinissa and jugurta to come back one day, think how you will meet your god the day you will be shroaded and put in the grave, no massinissa or kahina would help you, so think about.
Par niou Il y a 8 ans
VIVE LA KABYLIE LIBRE ET VIVE LES KABYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Par kahina69 Il y a 9 ans
watching this video gives the power and the right that i m in my own land and all others are just occpuiers and one day massinissa will come back to fight for us and i consider matoub my idol and he ll never die in our hearts.
Par azgf Il y a 9 ans
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