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    OoZe - NOVA


    par YourDanceFloorTv

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    NOVA is the birth of a new star, an explosion of light and energy flashing the dark sky like the hottest fire ever seen. This release by OoZe on CBJ is a downtempo chilled tune with interesting dubby stabs,starry bouncing sounds and effects, dub delays, clipped voices and rolling baseline. Very original crossover, with side effects like getting into a good mood instantly.
    • Label: CBJ
    • Genre: Dance - Down Beat / Trip Hop
    • Release Dates:
    • Beatport Exclusive:2014-04-15
    • All portals:2014-04-29
    • Price: Digital 45 (1.49 € / 1.99 $)
    • Release Copyright: OoZe
    • Visual Copyright: Ilaria Guerra
    • Production Year: 2014
    • # Tracks: 1
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