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    UN: 400,000 displaced by Iraq unrest


    by PressTV

    Terorirst attacks continue in Iraq’s volatile Anbar province. A car bomb explosion has killed several victims in the western Iraqi province.

    The car bomb detonated on the Hauz Bridge, a major crossing connecting the north and south of the city. According to the United Nations’, violence in the region has displaced 400,000 Iraqis internally.

    Experts and politicians alike believe members of Al Qaeda or the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are coming in from Syria as well as through neighboring Saudi Arabia. Iraqi officials including Prime Minister Nuri Maliki have pointed the finger at Riyadh, accusing the Saudi regime of funding and arming insurgents fighting against government forces in western Iraq.

    The violence has not been limited to Anbar. Repercussions of the violence in Anbar have sent shock waves throughout the country especially in the capitol Baghdad.

    Baghdad is hit almost on a daily basis by car bombs and bombers whose are hell-bent on inflicting the highest number of civilian casualties. Analysts believe the bombings are being carried out by ISIL and that the terrorist group aims to destabilize Iraq in the lead-up to the upcoming elections.