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    Miankaleh refuge for migratory birds


    by PressTV

    Miankaleh Peninsula in Mazandaran Province in the north of Iran is situated in the extreme southeastern part of the Caspian Sea.

    It is home to many unique Caspian bird and reptile species native to this region. It is also a very important internationally-recognized refuge for migratory birds. Gisoo Misha Ahmadi takes you on a tour of the region.

    Flowers are a part of the Iranian culture. They are seen in Persian gardens, carpets and handicrafts and even on the ancient walls of Persepolis. Iran has turned into the largest producer of cut flowers and decorative plants in the Middle East. Amir Mehdi Kazemi tells you more.

    The Tehran sledge recreation complex is located on the magnificent hillsides of the Alborz Mountains near Darband in Golab Darreh. Behrouz Najafi tells you more about the complex.

    Many of us have heroes in our lives, role models that we look up to. Artist Nasim Taghipour gets her inspiration from her hero and father Mohammad Reza Taghipour. Mohammad Reza Taghipour is a veteran of the Iran-Iraq War and current director of Tehran’s Peace Museum. Pedram Khodadadi tells you more about Iranian hero veterans from the imposed Iran-Iraq War.