Camron ft Juelz Santana - Oh Boy


by Benny

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Oh Boy Cam'Ron & Juelz Santana
HIT ME UP ON (MY SPACE).... ... Whats really good ma peeps.. Im That infamous Benny Boo.Bringing u my one and only official myspace page.. my profile says much bout me.. im not to good for no one or cocky.. im just me.. never fake but always keeping it always looking forward to hit my goals.. very funny and easy to get along with ..


Yall was chasing bitches like The dudes in the "Black" Movies, You know the best man, the wood, and others. I was covering the earth without leaving first, Married Colombia, Russia, Austrailia, and told the rest get you grass cut, Im shopping Like Big Boi at Distant Replay, Must we Ask for the Replay, Red Towel Down, Zebras Around, But I am not a Lion, u will not elude me, Niggas better get on they job, when it down apply to me, I dont speak for he, and my wrist straight, so if its heat u portray, its heat u receive, Get it I dont fan, wheter u a Bad Bitch or Billionaire Dude, I play by my rules, wrote a book so severe I had to throw it away, I know Yall had to fucking Go retrieve that, but Golden gone, Purple Ccity allstars was in My Car, I said okay Ross Triple C, Well I Know CCCP, Please no need to shake hands, Ill give 3 a chance, We Drink, We Bullshit, Just as long as I come back smelling like Gucci, Minus the Bloodshed, I let u keep ya sheds aka ya mansions, BUt Im on some Branso
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
Im real sporty, No Polo, Str8 Gucci, I don't Ride Horses or Bulls, So KNow Rodeo or the Derby, But I tilt my Hat, Like Thomas Crown Affair, Tell the Clones Beware. I need to ride Lambos and Rarris, Yall niggas Atari, Im Bigger than What You thought the PS3 did, Blue Ray ya, That mean, shit so vivid even Ray could see it, Not Pepsi, But the right one, Coke no Smile, Style no guide, GQ just to validate the Votes, I aint Bush, I don't need to Cheat, Saw Kim Kardashian coming after Jenny Lopez, So I told MA fuck the Pez, thats the candy, Lose the Ass, But keep the love, tell that bitch she old like Coogi to Gucci, If u had an option who would you choose? Come on No Clues, Gucci or Coogi, So tell Gucci Mane, His boy in the brown hummer gone need more than that to convince me, Yall KNock offs like Swap Meets, and I don't exchange for free, Like Emporio, its Our Mani, Or Our Money, yall niggas funny like the wayans, check my past references. If a bitch fat, Im not even reality hitting that!HA
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
Now adays everybody wanna hate, But Im not Zeus, Call Me Jesus, a lot of lil Minni Mes, Saying Mammi mi esta jesus tambien, One set of footprints, try to emulate, loose ya fingerprints, Yakuza style, We just wait a while, kill 2 birds with one stone, aside from the love of the fam, Im more materialistic than a beverly hills white bitch, but I m no wayans brother, Lets weigh in, Make the Fight Official this time, no brad pitt lines, No Underground fighting what the fuck, So save ya street dreams, shit aint what it seems, Peace is obselete, Im tiger but way more Jungle, what the fuck is some woods. Raaaaaaaaa
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
Mr. Giles, first and foremost Peace and Blessings to you my Mentor... NOw Look Trumpets please Mr. Farrakhan, The Final Call, No Paper boy tho, No Slo Motion, Eternal flow, Dailymotion Hoe, So play your role, or expire like toilet tissue in the bowl, send u with the real goonies, Ill never hit cha, just treat ya like shit ya, piece of shit, Nomad Billionaires, Fuck Nellie and Sallie Mae, Gold in My lungs, Diamonds about to be on My Teeth, So fuck a toothbrush, Bitch Im living with Might drop it and don't tell me, How G I be, but nothing like JOE, COBRA COMMANDO, so Fuck Being Rambo, I roll deeper than the ocean, ITs just a slow motion, This that Dailymotion, Oh Yes just concur hes the best?
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
By derrick 6 years ago
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