Reggae Contest Europa | Eastern Europe Finals (privado)

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Thursday, April 3rd. Live streaming from 9pm till midnight. Rototom Reggae Contest Europe reaches Czech Republic. On the 3rd of April in Prague, Mašta Bašta from Serbia and Rebelites from Bulgaria, will play live on stage representing the Eastern Europe zone. A great event that you cannot miss cause we will decide who will participate at the big European final.

Thanks to the collaboration with Martin Cervinka, our official link with Cross Club and Cultural Reggae Vibez.

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i idemo pobednicki dance
Por zo el abril
masta bastaaaaaa
Por zo el abril
REBELITES rock !!!
Por Red And Meth el abril
It's a desert in my soul that I am not there!
Por Vania Ivanova el abril
Por Vania Ivanova el abril