Robert Millet-Short Version

Samuel the Utahnite
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This is a short video clip of Robert Millet, the Mormon apologist, explaining how to deal with us evil anti-Mormons. My favorite part of this class he taught, was where he said to "answer the question that they should have asked", and "not the question they asked."

Yeah, that's honesty, isn't it. By the way, this class was for "future missionaries" and give everyone a glimpse into what "future Mormon missionaries" are being taught.

This class was held at and fully sanctioned by BYU, which is owned and run by the Mormon Church. Specifically, the Mormon First Presidency, the top 3 dogs...sit on the Board of directors at BYU. So, the First Presidency approves of these tactics 100%!!

This is just another example of the pathetic, deceptive and manipulative tactics these slimeballs use to further their Mormon cult.