Rip Curl: Surfing Is Everything with Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Taylor Knox...

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Surfing is like nothing else.
It's frozen hands & fumbling keys.
It's being cleaned up by a closeout & coming up laughing.
Surfing is rubber arms and a dry wetsuit.
It's the first duck dive on a cold morning.
It's hot food, car heaters & the smell of coffee.
Surfing is paddling out somewhere you've never been.
It's step-ups, broken boards and long swims.
It's "How is it?" & "Had a couple?"
Surfing is sitting in the lineup alone under a pale winter sun.
It's talking story in the car park later.
It's the promise of warm water five hours away.
Surfing is knowing that it's winter somewhere.
Surfing is who we are...


Starring: Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina, Taylor Knox, Joe van Dijk, Jayce Robinson and Lyndon Wake.

Music: Guillermo Sexo
Track: Balboa
Source: Getty Images

Director of Photography - Andrew Buckley
Additional Footage: Nick Pollet, Damon Meade, Luke Pilbeam, Paul Daniels

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