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    Flight MH370: no confirmation that objects recovered belong to missing plane

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Teams searching for missing flight MH370, are scrutinising potential debris from the plane in the closest detail yet after moving the investigation some 1,100 kilometres north in the southern Indian Ocean.

    Angus Houston Australia’s former Defence Force chief will coordinate the search effort, which currently covers an area the size of the UK.

    The new zone is at higher latitude and closer to Australia than the previous search area, meaning there is more likely to be flotsam in the sea.

    Australian prime minister Tony Abbott spoke to the press.

    “We had quite a few ships out there in the search zone,” he said. “And two vessels – a Chinese vessel and HMAS Success – did recover objects from the ocean. We haven’t yet been able to ascertain what those objects are, but nevertheless, for the first time yesterday objects have been recovered from the ocean.”

    Meanwhile, relatives of Chinese passengers aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday in a quest for answers about what happened to the jetliner.

    Two thirds of the 227 passengers on board the missing plane were Chinese. Many of their relatives have expressed concern and frustration with Malaysian authorities since the jet disappeared from radar screens on March 8.