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lait sacre -pixeldealer production

il y a 4 ans775 views

This is a particular music video shot in Reunion Island.

The Maloya-electro artist we cliped is called Labelle. The images are a journey through the spirits present on the Island. We mixed slowmotion and timelapse together.
Art direction was done by KidKreol & Boogie. (kidkreol-and-boogie.tumblr.com/)
All the Filming and Fx were produced by Pixeldealer Studio (pixel-dealer.com)

Credits :
Video Directed by Lenz for Pixeldealer
Art direction : KidKreol, Boogie, Tika, Lenz
Styling / Costume / Actor / Singer : Boogie
Editing : Lenz & Boogie
Cinematography : Lenz
Produced by Pixeldealer
Post Production : Tika & Lenz for Pixeldealer
Thanks to Labelle, Fa, Alexi, Samo for their support

Visit Kidkreol & Boogie : kidkreol-and-boogie.tumblr.com/
Visit Pixeldealer production : pixel-dealer.com

Music Video for Labelle "Lait sacré", taken from the album "Ensemble" (C) 2013 Eumolpe Records. labelle.re

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lait sacre -pixeldealer production
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