Classic Game Room - THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 review for Sega Dreamcast

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The House of the Dead 2 review for Dreamcast!
Classic Game Room reviews THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 for Sega Dreamcast from 1999! Yo G! It's time to blast some zombies in Sega's popular arcade light gun game for Sega Dreamcast! Blow away waves of the undead while sparing civilians as your rid the city of the menace forever (until the next sequel)!!


The Interact Lightgun is pretty awesome.
By Aaron Savadge April
I meant he didn't mention HotD3 being on the same disk. It's a game I really hope he reviews in the future.
By Gumbyx84 April
Actually Gumby he does mention the Wii version at the 2:10 mark.
By Wolfsite April
HotD is my favorite lightgun shooter of all time, second only to Carnevil (which is just as cheesy). I played the original in the arcade a lot when I was younger. Oddly enough I didn't play the second until I got my Dreamcast. I don't have a CRT TV anymore (or can I find my Dreamcast lightgun), so I have to stick with the Wii re-release with HotD3 (which I'm suprised Marc didn't mention in this review). Tragically it is missing the original HotD :'(
By Gumbyx84 last year
all that flashing hurt my eyes
By macrostv last year
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