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Classic Game Room - THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 review for Sega Dreamcast


by ClassicGameRoom

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The Interact Lightgun is pretty awesome.
By Aaron Savadge Last year
I meant he didn't mention HotD3 being on the same disk. It's a game I really hope he reviews in the future.
By Gumbyx84 Last year
Actually Gumby he does mention the Wii version at the 2:10 mark.
By Wolfsite Last year
HotD is my favorite lightgun shooter of all time, second only to Carnevil (which is just as cheesy). I played the original in the arcade a lot when I was younger. Oddly enough I didn't play the second until I got my Dreamcast. I don't have a CRT TV anymore (or can I find my Dreamcast lightgun), so I have to stick with the Wii re-release with HotD3 (which I'm suprised Marc didn't mention in this review). Tragically it is missing the original HotD :'(
By Gumbyx84 Last year
all that flashing hurt my eyes
By macrostv Last year
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