Cattanooga Cats - Autograph Hounded

Jimmy Jimmy McKee
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The Cattanooga Cats gets stalked by Chessie. The Cattanooga Cats is a cult classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon fron 1969, I enjoyed them and y'all will too!


Chessie is so annoying!
By Notthisagain21 3 years ago
this channel is cool :)) btw check out my pics!! :))
By loveelybabi007 3 years ago
The last new Cattanooga Cats cartoon to air on ABC, in January 1969. It's all reruns from here!

By Aaron Aaron Handy III 6 years ago
"He was a Snuggles" (Negativland
in joke). That's Casey Kasem as Groove!
By Bob Nelson 7 years ago