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    Naga Gowri - 4/9 - Superhit Telugu Movie - Gauthami, Nizhalgal Ravi


    by RajshriTelugu

    Naga Gowri is the story about Raja (Nizhalgal Ravi) ,who is the only son of a richest man in the society. But, there is a strange problem with Ravi. Since his birth, Ravi turns into a snake as soon as the sun sets. This has become a big headache for his parents. His mother continuously prayed to God to save her son from this strange problem but in vain. During his college days,
    Ravi falls in love with Meenakshi (Gauthami). Meenakshi also loves him. But his cousin doesn't want Meenakshi to marry anyone else other than him. How did Ravi
    manage to save Meenakshi from her cousin. And what was Meenakshi's reaction when she understands Ravi's problem. Will she be able to accept him as her husband.
    Check out this movie Naga Gowri to know the climax.