Onegai... Gubdye... Teacher_LynnaChan

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Here again one of my fave million love song ^^;; I made this today :P but do not ask me why because I have no any idea just I feel to edit the song and I did...... Now I trying to do another love song on my other anime ^^;;

I know it's kinda bored bcuz same anime I did but hope it doesn't bad after ^^" Hope you enjoy!?



i like it
By Akamin Dolo 7 years ago
Why you always edit them as i alsways make me confused And now who is telling GoodBye the Sensei or the Kei-kun student? I love the sound too strong and lot of BASS, tremble and more but is that the FX or just it's own FX i heared on my speaker? I got no office work today and it was afternoon so I check on you and watch your work nice all you work is worth watching make more if you can but Please different anime so it won't sicked of watching same anime deja vu! GoodBye.
By Queen of Sword 7 years ago
=^^= well I'm happy to know your Opinion on this work guess all the conversation was true @_@.... doubt it though I trust you. Well ^_^ hoping you enjoy this though kinda mess if you see those error I made :P

Kochanie =^^= Kochamnie @_@.... oops (do not take that seriuosly JOK3!) hehehe :LoL:

Domo arigatou gosai mas!
By BlaCk_PeArL_27 (Ms. Tan) 7 years ago
You know my opinion xD

And BTW - I'm not angry because of your opinion xP
By Michael 7 years ago