Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day


by wochit

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Zac Efron told law enforcement that he and his bodyguard were attacked by a group of homeless men after their car ran out of gas in downtown Los Angeles. But the so-called bodyguard is actually a convicted drug dealer , and one of Zac's friends told TMZ that the idea he was getting a late-night dinner in the area is suspect. News reports that the Neighbors actor was spotted at The Hollywood Improv the night after the incident. Is Zac headed down the wrong path again or is the skirmish getting blown our of proportion?
How many films have to deal with the kind of somewhat insane scrutiny that Paramount's Noah has had to undergo? How many major films have had to deal with headlines about the film's marketing having to add a disclaimer to reassure viewers that it was an adaption of a given source material and not an word-for-word translation? How many $125 million+ blockbusters have had to deal with reports on whether or not its star actually got to meet the Pope?
Andrew Garfield really has a way with kids. Throughout the Amazing Spider-Man 2's press tour, he's delivered one heartwarming moment after the next, and he just one-upped himself. Andrew joined his costar Jamie Foxx on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund to encourage kids at a environmentally progressive school in Singapore to engage in environmental sustainability. If you thought Andrew with a little Spider-Man and a suited-up Batkid were the cutest things ever, just wait until you see him with a watering can and a tiny panda.
Sometimes satire isn't made for Twitter's 140-character world. Comedy Central deleted a message Thursday from its "Colbert Report" Twitter feed showing a still from Wednesday night's show where Stephen Colbert joked about starting a "Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever." Comedy Central deleted the tweet and made clear the feed was not controlled by the show. A #CancelColbert then appeared on Twitter, igniting a debate over what is funny and what is offensive.