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    Top 3 Tech Stories of the Day


    by Wochit

    After Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, many were worried that Oculus’ top talent — many of whom are industry pioneers — would leave out of spite. Michael Abrash — the man largely responsible for leading the charge into Virtual Reality at Valve — has just joined Oculus as its chief scientist. Abrush said that, "Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus means that virtual reality is going to happen in all its glory."
    Remember Cadillac's ad for the ELR range-extended electric coupe? Your emotions might be a little less extreme with Ford's parody ad for the C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid. We'd be surprised if you didn't find it funny though, because it's a fantastic take on Cadillac's overly-driven individual, poking fun but also giving out its own unique message. The ad follows a lady who generates compost to sell to organic vegetable producers. She gives off the image of being as hard-working as Caddy's individual, only less narcissistic. As a result, her car is a little more humble than the chrome-covered Caddy.
    Facebook is gradually rolling out an update to its Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android. Users will see a new dedicated “Groups” tab for group discussions. Instead of mixing one-on-one conversations with group discussions, you can pin permanent group discussions in a separate tab. You can also pin existing group discussions or start a new group from this screen. When you create a group you need to enter a list of people, a picture and a name. Following WhatsApp’s acquisition, it looks like Facebook is still working on Messenger to make it better.