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    Youngistaan Movie Review By Shikha Bhatnagar

    Cine Curry

    by Cine Curry

    Life as all hunky dory for the young gamer Abhimanyu Kaul who was living a cushy life in Tokyo with his live in girlfriend. Life takes a diametric turn for the young chap when his father succumbs to cancer.

    Senior Dashrath Kaul isn't an ordinary man but the Prime Minister of India. Due to his sudden demise, his party proposes to make Abhimanyu the interim PM of the country. The transition is too drastic and entraps young Abhimanyu in the intricacies of it.

    Will Abhimanyu manage to prove his mettle as a politician and succeed his father or will he fail in evoking a change in the 'youngistaan' of the nation is what the film narrates.