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    Acrobatic and Free Run in an abandoned factory - Free Run

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    n this video we bring together some of the UK's very best acrobatic and circus performing talent for a fun and explosive shoot in an unused Victorian Sail factory in the heart of London's east end. With tricking, hand-to-hand, free running, dancing, juggling, tumbling, aerial hoop, cyr wheel, banquine, breakdancing, hand balancing, trampoline and more we transformed this desolate yet decadent space into a thriving hub of movement and creativity.

    We come from a mix of backgrounds including gymnastics, parkour and free running, break dancing, juggling and circus, this helps create a unique blend of traditional and modern, hand picking the most exciting parts of everything we like.
    If you are interested in getting involved with our work or want to know anything more about the company and what we do, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on:

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