Steam - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

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it wasn't the whole group that thought it sucked,just paul leka.nana was supposed to be the "B"'s the magic in you was originally the "A" side.
By billio0104 4 years ago
They could very well be fakes,like Joe Palma,the fake Shemp.Just happened to be on a bootleg DVD that I got.Doesnt really matter that much to me,cause I never saw the real Steam anyway.If it was Cream,and a bunch of imposters were doing White Room,would know that.One more thing,when the "real Steam" heard that the record company was going to put this song out as a single,they were mortified.Cause they thought the tune sucked
By DwightFrye 4 years ago
did ya know that these clowns are lip synching the original recording done by the original STEAM !!
By billio0104 4 years ago
These are just session men and not the original singers/performers.
By nicmeddy 7 years ago
merci ^_^
By moriganne 7 years ago