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Junior Murvin - Police And Thieves -1977

il y a 11 ans17.4K views

"Police & Thieves " performing by Junior Murving Top Of The Pops 1980.
Junior Murvin achieved fame as the falsetto singer of "Police And Thieves" which was an international hit for him and innovative reggae production artiste Lee "Scratch" Perry. The song has been covered by artists as diverse as The Clash and Boy George, and he has maintained his profile over twenty years after it was made. In the dancehalls Junior Murvin has scored with hits: the ultra easy skank of "Miss Kushie", the seminal "Cool Out Son", and others like "I'm In Love", "Bad Man Posse" and "Muggers In The Street"; releasing enough material to maintain his reputation, without ever flooding the market.

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Junior Murvin - Police And Thieves -1977
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