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    Egyptians protest Sisi’s presidential bid


    by PressTV

    Egyptians have held demonstrations in several cities to protest a decision by Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to resign as the army chief and run for president.

    The Wednesday protests came after the army chief announced his resignation in a statement that was broadcast on state TV.

    The protesters chanted slogans against Egyptian officials and the military-backed interim government.

    A senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, Ibrahim Munir, also criticized Sisi’s decision and said there can be no stability or security under his rule in the high office.

    The Brotherhood holds Sisi responsible for masterminding the military ouster of the former president, Mohamed Morsi.

    Sisi is also accused of leading a severe crackdown against supporters of Morsi and the Brotherhood movement.

    The latest developments come after the council of military leaders recently released a statement giving its blessing to Sisi's presidential bid, calling it an "obligation" based on popular demand.