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    Strangers Stage Intervention for Anorexic Woman

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    Nine strangers helped save the life of an anorexic woman in Tennessee.

    Nine strangers helped save the life of an anorexic woman in Tennessee. In 2011, Lauren Lax’s body was literally withering away.

    Those nine people had all seen her at the Green Hills YMCA in Nashville. Everyday Lauren was there struggling to get through her workouts.

    An older couple was quick to notice she was doing multiple sessions at the gym, but at the time they didn’t realize there was a whole other group of strangers watching the then 23-year-old woman. Even though nobody really knew her, they were all very concerned for her health.

    The 9 strangers all wondered what they could do. No one was sure if she was suffering from anorexia or some other medical problem. Despite the mystery surrounding Lauren, they all knew there was a danger if they didn’t do something.

    The gym goers banded together and organized an intervention for Lauren. In August of 2011, they brought Lauren to a hospital. The timing couldn’t have been better.

    Lauren was close to death. Her body had weakened to the point where her heart was barely able to beat.

    She spent nearly a month in the hospital receiving treatment for her heart before heading to the Oliver Pyatt Center in Miami to address her eating disorder, which she had struggled with since her childhood.

    Now, Lauren is back to being healthy and is planning a party to thank the 9 people who she now calls 'angels'.