Man Gets Stuck Inside Two Foot Wide Trash Chute

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A 58-year-old man recently got stuck inside a very narrow garbage chute in Yonkers.

At the most unexpected times, people can find themselves in tough, sometimes dangerous predicaments. A 58-year-old man in Yonkers is now well aware of that fact.

The unnamed male got stuck inside a very narrow garbage chute. The man had been inside a local apartment building in an effort to retrieve cans for recycling.

He was leaning into the first floor trash incinerator chute when he was struck by a dropped garbage bag from a higher floor. Somehow, the man ended up entirely lodged inside the chute.

He was so tightly wedged in the tiny, 2 feet wide opening that the only body part which could be seen was his feet. At about midnight, another man in the building heard the victim scream for help.

Authorities were contacted for help. According to police, the man had been stuck inside the chute for approximately an hour. He was taken to a nearby hospital for an evaluation but he was said to be uninjured.

One local resident speculated the man was pushed inside the chute, but thus far, it remains unknown how it actually happened.