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by lore

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Written by Clara

Voiced by MessYourself:

Animated by Danny Reyes:


Bent on galactic domination, Brainiac harvested and consumed entire galaxies by using advanced intellect, technology, and impenetrable force fields to abduct, bottle and digitize desired locations. Now in pursuit of the Multiverse, Brainiac has his sights set on Earth, both the center and key to unlocking its secrets.

Using the conflict amongst Earth's heroes and villians as a distraction, Brainiac downloaded their powers into exobytes: flea-sized nanorobotics with near infinite data and energy storage. However, Lex Luthor managed to steal Brainiac's exobytes and use them to bestow powers upon a man, Fracture. Now with a new plan to create a force capable of defeating Brainiac, Luthor travels back in time to present-day Earth and disperses millions of exobytes from the JLA Watchtower which endow the ordinary with the powers of heroes and villains of the future.

Noticing the atmospheric irregularity, Brainiac sends his harvester ships to abduct these new superbeings and reclaim their powers. Now it's up to you to master your newfound super abilities to prevent the invasion and defeat Brainiac, all the while impressing your mentor, of course. The universe is yours to save -- or conquer.

Have fun!


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