A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz & Buggin Out

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Jazz (We've Got) was the second single from A Tribe Called Quest's second album The Low End Theory. Buggin' Out was not a single but a segment of the song appeared in the video. The sequences from Jazz (We've Got) are in black and white, while the Buggin' Out sequences are in full color.

The video starts with the chorus by Phife Dawg, and the group travels around the city while rapping about the beauty of jazz. Q-tip starts off the first verse and delivers a smooth rhythm. Phife comes in after the second playing of the chorus; and he throws in the hardcore rhymes of the song for a blend.

Soon Q-tip comes back in with his second verse, but only does half of that for Jazz (We've Got). When he says, "Now Check It Out," the music stops and Ali says, "Check What Out?" and Phife says, "Check This Out."

Then the video goes into color for Buggin' Out and Phife begins to rap for that. During that Buggin' Out sequence the group are wearing eye caps that are very large, then Q-tip does another rhyme. Then when half of that is done the music stops and cut to black and white and finishes his rhyme from Buggin' Out as a freestyle.