Hulk Hogan vs. Genichiro Tenryu 12/12/91

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Fantastic match... this should be required watching for all Hogan bashers...
By tpcrotty 5 years ago
Hogan had some ability. He was just lazy. He knew how to work a crowd doing very little and so he went with the more elementary moves. Personally, I think he should have worked some of his technical moves into his general repertoire, just to make him look like a more competent opponent and not just a muscular brawler. That, and it would have been more entertaining as well.

Oh, and LOL @ the dragon having Godzilla's roar. Pretty cool intro, though.
By Skye Reynolds 5 years ago
Wow, rolling arm bar, tiger leg spin, 2x Enzigiri... That match made me believe that Hogan had some talent :P And he even took The Powerbomb. Never though I'd say it about Hogan's match but... that was good :)
By bruttobello 6 years ago
Wow, great match and the first move the Hogan pulled out was damn good
By basssinger 7 years ago