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    Camera Captures Dramatic Rescue of Child Trapped in Mudslide

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    A 4-year-old little boy has been found alive thanks to the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team.

    Emergency responders and volunteers in Washington are still working through the debris and mud in the hopes of finding more survivors following last Saturday’s deadly mudslide.

    Dramatic footage has been released of the rescue of a 4-year-old little boy who was found alive thanks to the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team. The child had been trapped in the mud after the landslide destroyed his family’s home in Oso.

    The entire rescue was captured on camera. The helicopter hovered right over the mud while a male volunteer waded through the thick substance to grab and firmly pull the boy free.

    The child was so embedded in the mud, his pants had to be taken off. With the boy firmly in his arms, the man climbed over a hill and handed him up into the waiting arms of a rescuer in the helicopter.

    The child has been identified as Jacob Spillers. He was at home with his father and three siblings when the mudslide ripped through his town, located a little over 50 miles away from Seattle.

    Jacob’s mother survived the natural disaster, as she had been at work, however the remainder of the family is still missing.

    Aside from these dramatic rescues, as many as 176 people may be missing. 16 deaths have been officially confirmed, but another 8 bodies were found in the debris, making the suspected death count reach 24.