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    Veg My Ride


    by stimulator

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    Nice commercial anyway... :-)
    By Samir9 years ago
    Cool! Very nice, but let me ask you something : are you aware of the fact that if the theory of the "peak oil" is confirmed, the price of veg oil should also increase, since : 1) veg oil still needs petroleum-powered machines to be produced, which means it will be even more or at least AS expensive as petroleum itself ; 2) financial turmoil induced by peak oil and the general recession that goes with it will allow nor any affordable conversion of actual petroleum-powered machines into veg oil-powered ones, neither a sufficient production of brand new agricultural veg-oil machines in order to raise and treat the needed plants that will produce veg-oil. Does this make sense? Sorry I'm just a poor french-speaker trying his best to be understood ;-)...
    By Samir9 years ago