Leather sewing machine for stitching saddle and harness

Jiang Bill
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The Cowboy CB4500 leather sewing machine is our number one selling heavy duty harness stitcher. Ideal for saddles stitching, harness stitching, leather belts, shoes making, leather sofas, furniture upholstery, heavy and light tack, tire covers, nylon webbing and coated materials such as Beta and Biothane webbing.

This video was taken by Mr. Bruce Cheaney, and accomplished saddlemaker and leathercrafter for over 40 years. Mr. Cheaney has constructed saddles for many famous persons throughout the world, as well as professional riders in all 50 states. Mr. Cheaney uses his Cowboy Model CB4500 harness stitcher to construct a variety of leather projects, from chaps to chinks, to belts and billfolds, and also saddles and harness.