Girl Scout Sells 18,107 Boxes Of Cookies, Breaks Record

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Twelve-year-old Katie Francis, an Oklahoma City sixth grader, has broken the 30-year-old record of 18,000 boxes.


Hooray for the army of unpaid labor moving product for the Girl Scouts. No child labor laws here! Well done. Get used to doing something for nothing girls. You'll be doing a lot of that once you enter the work world.
By Joe December
Since the Girl Scouts support Planned Parenthood, she helped murder the most babies. Hoorah!!!!
By Monty Dee August
I am guessing she didn't follow the GSA rules to accomplish that: Girl Scout Cookie Selling Safety Rules 1.Girls should wear Girl Scout identification--their pin with their uniform, sash, or T-shirt. 2.Girls must sell with a buddy. 3.Girls should be familiar with the neighborhoods in which they sell. Use safe pedestrian practices. 4.An adult must accompany a Brownie or Junior Girl Scout when girls are taking orders and selling cookies. Girls 11-17 must be accompanied by an adult when selling door to door. Daisy Girl Scouts do not sell cookies. 5.Girls should sell only during daylight hours. 6.Girls should never enter a customer's home unless accompanied by an adult. 7.Two adults must be present, at all times, when Girl Scouts operate a booth in a store, mall, or other public place. 8.Girls should never give out their names, addresses, or telephone numbers to customers. Only the group leader's telephone number or other adult's telephone number is given out to customers. 9.Always have a plan for safeguarding money collected. Money may be given to the accompanying or supervising adults so girls are not walking around with large amounts of cash. 10.Never sell cookies on the Internet.
By Eric Galloway July
I've often wondered if this is against Child Labor Laws?
By Richard Rizzini June